Americas Best TV Recap Crew 6:1

08 Apr

Yo Dawg. America’s Best Dance Crew is back, and this is the season of the stars, so get used to hearing Randy Jackson and Mario Lopez say season of the stars! But for real, I love this show. Why? Because I love cool shit, and seeing people do crazy dance moves and stunts to Hip-hop music is really freaking cool.

We’re in Season 6 now, and seasons of the stars does not mean a winners tournament. (Waiting for that inevitable day.) Instead, every week, the crews will dance to the rocking jams of one of our contemporary superstars. This week, the first 5 crews are dancing to Lil Wayne (how appropriate check out my Lil Wayne concert review coming later today). I’m not really onboard with this, seems too gimmicky and doesn’t leave much room for surprises. We will meet the remaining 5 crews next week, but for now, we’ve got 5 dance crews competing for 4 spots.

The Judges are JC Chasez, Lil Mama, and new addition D-Trix, a member of Season 3’s champions Quest Crew. In this debut he proved to offer some insightful commentary, though his use of phrases like “mad love” and “you’re dope” could make him the male parody to Lil Mama’s nonsense. Oh, Lil Mama, do you even attempt to make music anymore? Your career is defined by three things: a song about lip gloss, making an ass of yourself by storming the stage to pose with Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, and being a judge on ABDC. Is this your peak? Very well might be. JC Chasez is allowed to cement himself in that chair because he actually had a career before this and says intelligent things, not just “you went HARD” or “you held it down.” We need a Lil Mama ABDC drinking game. I’m proposing take a shot every time she says “you guys separate yourself by” or any variation of it.

But back to the crews. Here’s the first half of the bunch:

Name: I aM mE
Song: “Right Above It”
Look: Name stands for Inspire Motivate Energize. Pretty eclectic bunch. Multiple races and genders.
Style: Make images that “blow mind,” they call it brain banging. They are crazy tutters, sort of calydiscope style, make mind-bending images and warp them. Only criticism from JC was that they got stuck in the middle of the stage too often, getting caught up in doing their own thing and not exploring other elements. Other than that, these guys get 3 Yo Dawgs and a pass to next week.

Name: Phunk Phenomenon
Song: “A Milli”
Look: Boston B-Boys with one female member.
Style: Woah, most impressive crew of the night. Pretty much trying to live up to the ABDC bar and not play the ‘left-field’ card. They can do stunts, choreo, and even kicked into a little swagged out speed bit. Definitely an early season favorite. They get 5 Yo Dawgs and 2 Keep It Reals.

Name: Request Dance Crew
Song: “Knock Out”
Look: New Zealand all girl group.
Style: Poly Swag, a name they gave themselves to make the judges seem xenophobic if they kick them off first. Im not impressed by these girls, got a lot of heart, but just didn’t see anything exciting from them. They should’ve had to walk it out, but didn’t.

Name: Eclectic Gentlemen
Song: “Fireman”
Look: “Sexy Guys in Bowties” it’s about class for this all guy group.
Skills: Strong group sets, no real individual stunts, good isolations. They ended up being the the first Season 6 casualty. As they were leaving one member did a forearm stand with some cool moves. Hints at the fact that they may have held back tonight. Too bad there wasn’t any ‘dance for life’ head-to-head.

Street Kingdom
Song: “I Am Not A Human Being”
Look: Street style 100% May recognize them from Rize.
Style: Krump – mostly an individual dance form. Should be interesting to see how they fit within the context of this show. They looked a little sloppy and unfocused, but showed signs of promise. Lots of crew members, 10 it looks like. D-Trix gives them a standing O on street cred alone, says he can’t criticize, so I guess I can’t either. Rize was a great documentary, and Street Kingdom’s leader Tight Eyez was a key feature in it. I just saw the doc last year and it’s really incredible. Check it out.

Five new contending crews next week, with Ke$ha songs. I’ll see all you dawgs next week for another leaping, tumbling, eye-poppong episode of….America’s Best TV Recap Crew.

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One response to “Americas Best TV Recap Crew 6:1

  1. Julia Mathias

    May 9, 2011 at 3:09 pm

    Why no more reviews? I really like your take on the show, even though I totally don’t agree with you about Request, I think they were great, and I was so sad to see them leave…


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